Rumor of a Tumor


This is my brain. Ain’t that a kick in the butt.

Normally I would resist asking people flat out for money, but here it is…

I’ve set up a GoFundMe account to help raise funds to cover what my insurance doesn’t cover and to hopefully get ahead of the curve for the removal costs.

If you cannot donate money, please just share the link around. Thanks.

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I have been looking for this all over!!


Snagged the cover photo from Mirages site!

I have Facebook messaged more comic shops than I can think of at the moment… Over 100… Well over 100… A few shops said they don’t have any Image Comics. A few had some, but not this one. I was able to pick up issues #21 & #22 for $3.25 each plus shipping. And two shops said they would get back to me today.

Also, one shop said he has a FULL RUN of the series and will not break it down to single issues. The price he wanted was fair, but I didn’t and don’t have that much spare change right now. [No, I won't tell you who, because I've already forgotten!]

So, if you see this issue or have extras, I would like to buy it or trade for it.

Maybe something with Eastman & Lairds autograph would be up your alley?

Or I suppose I could sell all the copies I now have of #1-22 and then buy the full run from the guy… If anyone is interested. Of course, then you would be missing the last issue anyways…

Oh… And some places think they can still order this because they think I am talking about the IDW comics… HAHA

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What (or who) is it?

c3p0 on the brain

What’s your guess at who or what this is?

There’s really no wrong answer…

after these messages, more comics!

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Attack of the Mousers UK



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TMNT #34 1st Comics Variant


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comic shops page(s)

Since the page is barely ever viewed, I’m sure no one noticed, but I have pages dedicated to different shops I have been to as well as a “home” page for the shops that I’d either like to get to or been to but have closed.




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I have the power!


Now to figure out if I sold ALL the other issues of if I have the one I wanted to keep. Haha

Also to note, this will be the last NEW item posted for a good long time unless the books are gifts.

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The Rock Comic Expo

Home after my first outing as a Vendor at this expo. Being the first year I can see why it was a bit slow. I didn’t sell much and what I did, sold for waaaaaay under value. One vendor right next to us was pretty much under the table intoxicated by the time the doors opened. Rather a shady fellow.
Now that the bad part is out of the way… I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


My stash, take home. Just a small selection of the best stuff. Thanks again Greg (Moutafis) and Command D for your help & assistance!


All set up only half an hour behind!


Too much stuff and not enough space!


This man was super nice. Stated that after years of looking, he finally found the ONE Conan book he needed to complete his collection! #win


Some dude seriously spent some time on his Iron Patriot cosplay. Wicked good!


Some Adventure Time ladies (I think).




And Rogue again…


Guess who?


Harley Quinn was out and about looking for Mistah J.


Trying to knock some sense into me.




Random “crowd” shots…


The day is over and we packed it up.


An idea for next time, if there is a next time.
One final shot for you…


The guy next to us packed up and wandered off. Not sure how he made any money as he was always away from his table. If I had been him, we would have made so much more money that day. About 12 times people tried to pay us for HIS items.

Thanks for stopping by…
Thanks to Chris for snapping some pictures and J for having us.

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DVD/bluray just in


I’ll get to it eventually.

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Shellback Artworks TMNT 30th!


The above image was taken HOURS after I had been in line and been upstairs to see the guys from Mirage. You know, Eastman & Laird, Jim Lawson & Steve Lavigne?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are shellebrating their 30th anniversary this year, roughly yesterday, May 4th.

IMG_20140504_104314_369 IMG_20140504_104319_234

There is just a couple of the MANY pictures I took in store. Chris & I arrived (individually) about the same time, right around 10am. I hadn’t seen the post that Steve was opening the doors at 10:30. Good surprise though for us! Continue reading

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