WANTLIST: TMNT #1 first print

Just because the last one didn’t work at all…


I sent up another goal… To buy a first printing TMNT #1, get it signed by Eastman & Laird and then have it graded and finally, auction that baby off! (wishful thinking, right?)

If you want to donate dollars, go here!

Cheap shot, I know.

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Marvel Treasury Edition #12

The third and final part of my trade is this Marvel Treasury Edition #12 featuring Howard the Duck & the Defenders!


This book is in great shape except for some small back cover issues. I haven’t taken it out of the bag & board just yet to see just how bad, but it still will make a fine addition to my Treasury collection.

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Superman #113 Pizza Hut

The second item as part of the trade I did was this excellent copy of Superman #113 Pizza Hut reprint!


The book has a bit of spine roll, more from the bottom which has the book twisted ever so slightly to match the off cut back promo piece (not pictured) which shows some lines where it should have been cut. Even though this book was only reprinted in the late 70s, it still contains the oldest Superman material… That is to say, I own some newer reprints of older stuff but done so in a modern way. Does that make sense? Okay then.

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The Amazing Spiderman: A Rockomic!

A week or so ago, I set up a trade with a friend for some cool comic items. One of those items was this Spiderman record!


The record (so far) is playing nicely!


The storyline isn’t so bad, but these songs! Lol


Inside is the “comics”, five mini strips. The sleeve has some real wear and looks as though it has water damage, but it is all one piece… There is a poster of the front image but it has been folded wrong and is split across the center. Needs to be laminated or something to preserve it (no picture).


I will post some info on the other two items I got later…

Thanks Berik for the trade dude!

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Star Wars #1 Newbury Variant


Newbury Comics variant Star Wars #1.

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Take Note

Over on my other blog, I have been busy listing loads of new books. You can fins the link on the left<<.

Mr Maczaps Comics

Take a look around.


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Sketch stash


Over the course of 2014 (2013?), I was able to get a decent amount of actual sketch’s on blank covers. From Rich Woodall to Peter Laird to MeltingDoll to Steve Lavigne. And Jim Lawson to Eric Burnham to Craig Rousseau. Most of its Turtles. Or Zombies. Along with a few capes.
Superman, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern were all drawn by Melanie Tingdahl from Casablanca Comics (except in 2013 I guess, looking at this again…). Burnham drew Mikey & Karai for me at two different cons. Woodall drew Hulk, Cap, Thor Adventure Time, a dead Ultimate Peter Parker Spidey digging out of his grave and me cosplaying as Johnny Raygun as a zombie. Lol. A Lavigne Batman. The team up six months in the making, Woodall & Lavigne’s classic Krang!

I have more elsewhere but they are packed up for now…

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TMNT Odyssey

It has arrived!! Well, it got here the other day…


This is the hardcover version. The seller tossed in a free magnet too, which was pretty cool. Small and promoting the original movie.

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Updated Krang


Original by Woodall!


Colors by Lavigne!

So glad to have finally picked this up to add to my collection. Cannot wait to have money again to have them work on another… Probably go with a Fugitoid or Rat King or Casey Jones… Or I could just stop buying all comics but the blank covers and have them do up something new every month!

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Krang! Woodall & Lavigne

Talked to Rich Woodall a good long time ago now and asked for a sweet drawing of Krang…

And then a few months later I was talking with Steve Lavigne at Shellback and asked if he’d like to color it…


He posted this up on Facebook the other day. Now as soon as I have a steady income again, I will drive on down there and pick it up.

Thanks Rich & Steve! Check them both out on Facebook to get your own custom art!!

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