New Releases!

Hello and welcome to my first legit collection post!

This weeks books ranged from Turtles in color to Superman and Spidey!


This issue of Color Classics is also the last (for now?) and one of my favs for no other reason than having the calendar page on the back cover of March 10th.


This weeks Action Comics gives us a closer look of the first battle between Lex and the Man of Steel. Wasn’t actually all that impressed with it, sad to say. I have collected the Superman titles as far back as the early/mid 80s after starting with Superman’s death. Anyone else go that far back?


Next up is Green Lantern without Geoff Johns. OH THANK YOU!! I like most of what Johns had done, but sometimes its better to tell a tale that goes somewhere. I mean, how many multi-colored wars did GL have to go through?? Granted I did buy them all because I’m a sucker for no gaps in my collection, but the last two or so years of constant “we’re at war with….” was old after Blackest Night. None of them really had any kind of end. The original Crisis, that ended. Now GL can GO SOMEWHERE! …Sorry… lol.


Earth 2… So far one of the books I keep hoping will get better, but I just hate losing the Legacy aspect and a certain amount of respect (for fictional characters) that these stories invoke. If I want to read stories that show Spidey-like situations, I’ll pick up Spidey…


Oh wait, look what I did there…. So far, I’ve been turned time and again for short spans to Marvels books. First it was Hulk/Red Hulk and that mess. Then some time with Marvel’s first family, the FF. Now and again, some Spidey. I started around the time of Spider-City or whatever it was called and have enjoyed the ride so far.


I love so few indi books, but so far, since my intro to the characters, I can say the ‘Haps have yet to let me down. Everything you could want from a comic!! Just enough intro each book to ‘catch’ up if you are new and insane cliffhangers (like this issue!!!) that leave you anxiously waiting for the next (mini) series!

That’s all for this week, unless I charge some more comics. Lastly, if you are into digit comics at all, check out Artist Alley Comics! Some of the same talent from the ‘Haps and Johnny Raygun and more!! [I’ll fix the link and the pictures in a minute!]

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