June 12: the final pick up?

Things have personally not been all that great for me lately and things have come to a head today…. Posts around here will either get completely old school as I dig out books to have something to post about or its going to get cobwebby… Long story short, I have some medical issues hindering my hobby (and yes, further my life). So please enjoy, all three or four of you.

Batman & Batgirl were both Great! I was not even going to pick up Year Zero, but figured I’d go out with a bang and this issue certainly makes me wish I had a million bucks to stick around.
Batgirl wraps (as much as comics do) the new Ventriloquist storyline. A bit dark in the New52. Not really a direction I feel fitting for Babs but the story was well executed.


Superboy… I want to like this. Really I do, but I just don’t care about this New52 Superboy. Its not Conner… Killer. Bank Robber. Hero? Not likely.
Now Smallville is still going strong. I managed to stay away from them digitally (not PDFs) and so its great the print them out. Great story although I can’t remember the issue before this because I think they did a special issue with Batman….


Green Lantern seems to vaguely tie into the other Lantern title that was out last week. This is great! Don’t really care for yet another big bad never before seen villain(s) because its been done before sooo much lately. There hasn’t been enough character growth. I don’t feel anything for John & Fatality except for calling bullshit on this relationship thats brewing. But maybe I’m just too jaded.


The art sucked in MOTU: Hordak… I mean…. really DC, get it together. This issue sucked.
Star Wars. I can’t say it was bad. This week it took the ‘last comic in the pile’ spot… Usually for the book I’m most excited to read.


Lol. Don’t ask. Okay, you didn’t… I was bored and I picked up the first two issues… I hate incomplete sets….


Okay, this was good… but nothing that hasn’t been seen before and presented better. PLUS! That fold out page… DC, I’m not going to rip a page out if this book to read it. $5 bucks for this thing…. However, another big bang, I (stupidly) picked up all the variants that were still on the shelf… Five out of six, I think. Snagged the modern cover that wasn’t available and stuck in a bidding war for the Golden Age cover. I like these. Man, I miss the 90s books.

Well then. If you’re still here… Thanks. See you around the spinner racks or some such…..


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