TMNT #22

One of the newest, most prized comics I’ve ever purchased, arrived last month with 7 covers (inside the book shows only 5 covers for some reason). In my infinite, uncontrolled manner, I purchased 18 or 19 copies of the book… Why you ask? (Sure you did, I heard you.) Because a friend of mine did some of the variant covers and because its the start of a new storyline thats supposed to be wildly crazy!

I know you’ve seen these before, because the pictures are all over the ‘webs.

Here is Rich’s Phantom Variant #22. As always, anything I put in front of him, he signs for me.


In the above image, you have a B cover and a couple of the RI covers and then there is the B&W version, Jetpack exclusive cover (along with Jetpacks variant #4 [I think] with the Woodall Shredder, plus the variant for the Baxter 1 shot].


The final issue here is the other Jetpack exclusive cover, again signed by Rich.

Typically I will buy and support anything I can by artists (& writers) I’ve met and socialize with but this was really the first time a book was done by a friend (yes just the cover, but just you wait!!) that I was already reading & collecting BEFORE they did anything for or part of it.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, if you’ve been waiting for something new from my collection…

More will come.

…And I only saw Man of Steel once…. It didn’t agree with me.


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