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Going to be a rather large post today folks. Been about a week since anyones been by to say hello.

Got some new ooze for the Turtles… well, finally all four anyways.


Some more art cards by Rich Woodall… Too bad they weren’t directly from him, but I still love his artwork!


Another Superman record… Still waiting to hear if my friend can make me a CD out of each of them so I can actually listen to them (and read along)!!



More items after the break… Can’t give it all away before the click (for more).

The recent comic buys that weren’t posted the other day.

2013-07-12_20-52-29_876 2013-07-12_20-52-39_445 2013-07-12_20-52-53_587 2013-07-12_20-53-01_727 2013-07-12_20-53-09_870 2013-07-12_20-53-18_527 2013-07-12_20-53-28_180 2013-07-12_20-53-36_170 2013-07-12_20-53-43_849 2013-07-12_20-53-52_960 2013-07-12_20-54-01_894

And then all the cards I’ve picked up. Since I couldn’t recall which ones I had photos of, I just took all new ones. Starting with the Flash one by an unknown artist and then, the rest are from Rich Woodall (yes, again).

Out of this weeks new books, I think the Animated Green Lantern takes the cake again for best written and its seriously too bad they aren’t going to keep going with this series. Spider-Man is keeping me there for now… Doc Ock Spidey is getting on my nerves though. Batgirl, I’m ending with the next issue I think. Smallville is always great. Excellent nod to another of the characters about halfway through this installment. Star Wars is always excellent, although this “new take” is quite odd. Justice League with the start of this new storyline was great, I just hope that it actually goes somewhere. I’m not really holding my breath. Johns likes to get you hooked and then just leading into the next story and then ends everything where it started.. Years of wasted reading.

The new Turtles animated takes the best of the new toon and runs with it on its own storyline (as far as I can tell). Just don’t get me going on there being like 7 different covers, I’m only getting the one I get and thats it! (damn tumor)

2013-07-12_20-47-03_19 2013-07-12_20-48-53_773 2013-07-12_20-48-46_32 2013-07-12_20-48-37_762 2013-07-12_20-48-30_559 2013-07-12_20-48-21_374 2013-07-12_20-48-13_904 2013-07-12_20-48-06_177 2013-07-12_20-47-53_98 2013-07-12_20-47-45_394 2013-07-12_20-47-37_879 2013-07-12_20-47-30_479 2013-07-12_20-47-23_180 2013-07-12_20-47-12_36

I would have to say, I really love the Johnny Raygun, the Guy Gardner and Kilowog most of all. I wish I could find Superman and Kyle Rayner & Hal Jordan, but I (think I still) have a Red Lantern sketch coming directly from Rich. I should check with him!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

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