End of July

Added to the over-grown collection this week (so far):


Score one of the last missing items from my collection!


Love the Adventures and Smallville. Miss the good, fun Superman stories missing in the New52 crapfest.


The art has been pretty sucky on Superboy. I’m no artist, but have some more detail and definition… And why is Conner hiding out while wearing a pre new 52 Superman logo shirt? Does the artist hate the new logo too?


Tom Strong is back! But I really feel like I missed an entire mini-series. When did his kid get married? Or did they not get married? Red Lanterns continues to suck.


Superman Annual. Not bad, but not great. Not even remotely. Flash on the other hand was excellent, except, where the heck does it fit into the new 52? Flash and GL meet in JL#1 and don’t know each other but here GL meets Barry and Barry doesn’t know GL? Wait, what?


Batman Annual was okay but not needed for the Year Zero… Typical hype.


Always love me some Turtles! The art sucks. I seem to be the only one there. Don’s head looks odd, every where… I dislike the look of their masks and Splinter doesn’t look like a rat… so much as a deformed dog? I don’t even know.

Get out and buy some books. Be it good, bad or fugly. I have the 80s series DC Challenges set coming to me as well as a couple other things.

If you’re just looking, thanks.

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