Forever Evil part 2

This weeks grab… More dizzying covers!


I actually liked the origin for Harley, but maybe because I’d never really heard or read more than smart chic goes Joker-crazy.
Brainiac was okay. I was thinking as it went along that it can’t be true, however it appears to be how Brainiac thinks/feels.


After reading these, I’m not really sure why I even collect anymore…



Lobo was okay however it kinda feels like the last “rebooted” origin for Brainiac… Really.



I picked up Catwoman last week but wanted to read why she was underground and here it is….


As usual the best books have no try tie to their larger universe counter parts and there is good reason for it. They are awesome. Star Wars is great and Smallville is folding in Wonder Woman just nicely!

I also picked up TMNT: Hun and I’m oddly deadened to this new revelation. Everything else has been SO great… and then this. I’ll try to snap a picture of both covers later.

Out of everything I collect, the Turtles stuff gets its own storage.


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