Laird! Lawson! Lavigne! Turtle Power!!!

As some of you have seen or maybe even read, Steve Lavigne owns Shellback Artworks in Wells Maine. He has his pals Peter Laird and Jim Lawson up for a visit to draw Turtles heads and write their names a serious number of times, and to chat.

Now I know this page doesn’t get much (if any) traffic but I would still like to say THANK YOU!! Thanks to Steve for always providing a fun place to hang out for a day even if I can’t always spend a boat load of money each time. Thanks to his wife as well. She’s great to talk to as well and has such a unique point if view of the Turtles. Thank you Mr Laird again for signing everything under the sun, even the IDW and Nick items! Its been a pleasure both times meeting you!

A big thank you as well to Mr Jim Lawson! Not only was he able to help me complete my Tales vol 2 this year, but he signed a TON of stuff for me yesterday. It would have been half as much but he was under the weather back in May when Pete was up.

Now I don’t typically travel to far from home for these events so it really is nice to know that these guys are all pretty much from in and around New England, if I heard right.

Anyways, you aren’t here for me to write… I’m bad at it. Haha


(Something happened with the mobile uploading all the other photos, so I fixed them. They are all now down below.)

And to cap the day, after a couple other photos were being taken…



TURTLE POWER! Cowabunga, Dudes!

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