October 9th

Good afternoon, everyone.

You will notice, somehow, last weeks books were posted to my other blog. I think WP glitched. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This week features a couple blank covers, a new Superman book, a The Star Wars from last week and an IMAGE Turtles comic!!

2013-10-10_13-29-45_418 2013-10-10_13-30-06_665 2013-10-10_13-30-20_908 2013-10-10_13-30-33_393 2013-10-10_13-30-43_420 2013-10-10_13-30-53_986 2013-10-10_13-31-57_146 2013-10-10_13-33-07_918 2013-10-10_13-33-16_413

I didn’t read the Walking Dead, but its a blank cover I’m hoping Rich Woodall will draw me on, front and center as a zombie.
The Superman/Wonder Woman I’m thinking a nice Clark & Diana picture. I was putting these two blanks away and noticed that I’m seriously lacking on the “done” covers. I have 16 blanks, plus a couple Turtles covers left. If anyone has any artistic talent, besides Rich & Ed and you’d like to do one of them, please let me know!! Next up is the Star Wars books, and I can tell you I am really glad that they do the recap on the first page… Really glad. I’m really not all the impressed with Earth 2 or this weeks Power Girl/Huntress books. Its not “my” earth 2… Now I feel like a fan from pre-1986… Batgirl is always great and so is Ghostbusters! I got to meet Mr Burnham at Granite Con and that was really awesome! Batman was great and yet I’m hoping Year Zero ended with this issue. Its well past time to cut back. “Lights Out” is already gotten old and its only 2 issues in; that said,  this issue was well written and drawn for the most part. I’m just tired of the entire space epic, we just did this last week thing… I want to see some more Hal, Kyle, John & Guy stories… There can be an equal footing to the super vs the man. A couple variants there for Supes/Wondie and then some Flaming Carrot & TMNT! The final picture is one of the very few decently priced Image Turtles comics I have been able to find.

Lastly, this was available at my comic shop, for pretty much cover price… signed.


I really loved signed comics for basically cover price. Even if I have the book twice over.

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