Holy Comics, Batman ’66!

This week I was almost going to skip out on going to get books, but I’m seriously addicted and I just can’t seem to help myself.


This has been consitently good, but then its not part of the New 52 proper… so it has that going for it.

2013-10-16_21-49-50_498 2013-10-16_21-50-06_229 2013-10-16_21-50-48_934 2013-10-16_21-52-20_646
Batman items on the block. I have been gettings Batman & … since Damien died and its alright..
Batman Beyond Universe is always excellent!!
Batman/Superman, can someone tell me what happened? Break it down for me please. I can’t tell what the artist was drawing half the time and the other half, I had no idea “when” things were taking place. The variant cover is nice looking though.

2013-10-16_21-50-21_201 2013-10-16_21-52-45_917 2013-10-16_21-51-38_247 2013-10-16_21-53-44_573
Justice League and Forever Evil.
JL of A #8 finally gives us a look into what happened after the CSA showed up and I have to say, been there, done that. The variant looks cool. The two FE #1s, I picked up because I hadn’t yet. (Great logic, right?)

2013-10-16_21-50-13_762 2013-10-16_21-50-59_423

I really wanted to like the new MOTU book. The first 6 issue mini and then the first 6 issues of this new series were good. The art though has suffered a giant setback with this issue. Just why do people like the dark, poorly drawn, scratchy looking comics? I want to look at each panel and be able to clearly see whats going on. This is a prime example of the exact opposite of how defined I like my comic art to be. Get Woodall to draw some MOTU!
Supergirl is another book I want to like, but this issue just reverses the “big reveal” from the Cyborg Superman issue from last month and then undoes the last couple issues. Why do I feel like I wasted so much money here? Oh, because I have. The story concludes with no change to how things were before. Unless I missed something, which I doubt.

2013-10-16_21-50-36_729 2013-10-16_21-50-42_181

Lights Out… Good name for a so far boring storyline that has been done to death. And for what they appear to do to Kyle in this issue. Give me a break, he already fought those demons! He GREW already as a character and as a Lantern!
Rogues is great. The only downside is its not old continuity and thus, free of the Forever Evil crossover.

2013-10-16_21-50-28_792 2013-10-16_21-53-09_546
I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I’ve begun to get into Marvel a bit more than ever before… Spider-man has been leaps and bounds better than most of the New 52. I couldn’t pass up the Lego cover. Thats all kinds of awesome!

And finally, I picked up some back issues because I didn’t drop enough money there already.

  2013-10-16_21-55-29_513 2013-10-16_21-55-35_671

2013-10-16_21-54-45_778 2013-10-16_21-54-39_371 2013-10-16_21-54-33_505

Now I haven’t read the two Atom books, but they are reprints from the glory days.
Superman/Gen 13 is something I already picked up, but I had the variant cover set and thought I should snag these while I have the chance. Gen13 isn’t my cup of tea but I do like Supergirl stories and anything thats not main continuity Superman stuff, when it maintains that which makes up SUPERMAN.

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