The Great New Hampshire Comic Book Saturday!

160 Miles!

More than 8 hours out and about!

Eight different comic shops!

A SH!T TON OF BOOKS! *yes, I did ! that*.

I don’t have pictures of what was bought just yet as I haven’t even taken any of it out of the car yet…

…because both of my own computers have died. RIPs…

Jetpack Comics was our first stop!


(Pictures of what I bought in another post… because it WILL take that long…)

Our next stop was Furniture & Treasures, an antiques place, and yes, they had comics!


The next stop was more of an actual comics shop.

Double Midnight Comics just opened a second location and since we were stopping at another shop in the same area, we decided to stop at the new place!

2013-11-02_12-38-15_420 2013-11-02_12-50-01_218

Things are still a bit sparse in there and really I think this was the first weekend they were open here. Not bad really. Bebop & Rocksteady baaaaaabaaaaaaaay. LOL

Our next stop was right up the street and around the bend!

Liberty Books & Comics

Comics seems to kind of be a new branch out for him, although he does have a large quantity of back stock, its a bit of a mess right now as he re-arranges.


2013-11-02_13-13-51_382 2013-11-02_13-13-37_811 2013-11-02_13-13-30_643 2013-11-02_13-13-21_173 2013-11-02_13-13-13_967


He is a woodworker as well and make almost all the fixtures in the place! Not to shabby!!

After hanging out for a bit, he offered up another location that Google hadn’t thought of…

Collectibles Unlimited and its run by a very nice lady.

2013-11-02_13-26-45_134 2013-11-02_13-26-54_385

Next up is Village Comics! They are the first stop we made where the shop was on the second story of a building. Not bad, but a bit tiring for those of us overweight and outta shape.

2013-11-02_14-25-36_29 2013-11-02_14-25-27_619 2013-11-02_14-25-17_967 2013-11-02_14-25-07_507

Here we joked with the guy that runs the Fireplace Village as the two shop keeps for the comics shop were working their other jobs today. I asked if the CGC books were free because he wasn’t sure a price and they weren’t tagged. 😀 All is good bro. We will see you next time!

After this stop, we hit a mall and had seriously over priced pizza.

Next up is Harrisons Comics (I think thats the name). They are in the same mall and seriously rude. I said thank you once the cashier rung up my book and gave me my goods and she continued on her conversation like we just weren’t there.

I guess once they have your money there, F* You is their slogan…

Lastly, we ventured to both locations for Chris’s Cards & Comics.

The first one was also a second floor shop. Located near by is a pawn shop and strip club. (FYI)

While we had most excellent service at the first location…

2013-11-02_15-50-28_655 2013-11-02_15-51-05_846 2013-11-02_15-50-49_950

The second location was not as nice as the first… The following is a transcript of what occurred. Names have not been changed, because after they were just so rude, I didn’t bother to ask them who they were…


Clerk 1 “Hey, uh, we close at 5”.

Chris & I “Yeah, its quarter of man… Thanks”.

Me “I’m looking for Image Turtles comics…”

Clerk 1 “Over there in the fifty cent bin…”

Me “Over where?”

Chris “Yeah, Turtles, from Image…”

Clerk 1 “Yeah, over there (just pointing, again)…”

Me “Ah okay, you have no Turtles…”

Clerk 2 “We close at 5 guys…”

Chris bought a book and the clerk gave him some more crap and then told him he was 5 cents short to having enough money for the 1 comic he actually found. So he dug out 5 more pennies. Go Chris!!

After this, we had to head back to pick up some books that none of these other shops had (or cared to help us find since they were closing in 15 minutes..) and we stopped back into Jetpack Comics. Jetpack is the place in NH you need to go, to get all your nerdy goods!


Lastly, before I go… home that is… to bring in about 15 bags of comics…
We saw this ride go by us on the interstate on our way back to Jetpack…


Man, I hope this chics husband doesn’t come after me for snapping a pic of their car… She’s an army wife (so said her sticker…).

Good night all!!

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One thought on “The Great New Hampshire Comic Book Saturday!

  1. Awesome man. Love it. We did have a blast and that chic was pretty cute in her “GL” car. LOL

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