Maine Zombie Lobstermen

For less than I paid for the two books I already have, I found very near mint copies of all four issues of this series, AND issue #3 is signed and came with some wicked nice extras.

My phone is on the fritz so I do not yet have photos…



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2 thoughts on “Maine Zombie Lobstermen

  1. Adam Hall

    Excusse me my name is adam hall.. I have Maine zombie lobstermen collection nyself… I had a question for you did you get yours signed by my uncle Mike hall or my grandfather Kenneth hall? And little known fact my father Charles hall came up with maniac moose.. Sorry im just glad to see some of my family history out there

    • Hi Adam. The signed copy was signed when I got it. I had seen a couple issues at an antique shop but passed on them because of the insanely high price tag ($40 or $50 each if I recall) so I went in search of them.

      Are there only the four issues? I would love to know more about these!


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