Image Turtles *Wantlist*

So with it being the 30th Anniversary of the Turtles, I decided to dig out and see just what Image Turtles comics I am missing.


I have a desire to find the following issues that are either missing or that I have a desire for a more appropriate copy in better condition:




#11 (replace)

#12 (replace)

#14 (replace)




#19 (replace)


Also I heard there are fan made issues #24 & #25, if anyone has those to spare.

This would just leave me lacking the Archie Turtles main series, which really is okay with me. I have the first mini series of 3 issues which was I think, basically the first episode or two of the cartoon, from back in the day.

Thanks for looking!

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2 thoughts on “Image Turtles *Wantlist*

  1. I don’t have any spares myself, but maybe these can help you out.

    Lonestar Comics has some of those issues, but they’re a little pricey on some of them:

    Atomic Avenue has a few as well:

    Newkadia has #7 and 8:

    Comic Collector Live lists some from various sellers, but they can be pricey too:

    The author of the fan-made issues #24 and 25 is considering doing another printing. You can put yourself down on the wishlist so he knows people want it. You can find that at the end of the thread about those issues:

    • Thanks Kevin. I’ve been looking at a few of those, but frankly just don’t have that kind of cash flow right now. I was more hoping to stick this list out there and see if people had some to trade maybe.

      I’ve never bought from Atomic Avenue before but have not really heard good things… Same with New Kadia… Plus I would rather not pay shipping for each issue at $3-5 each book… CCL is great, if you can find one person with all the books you are looking for. Only bought through them once or twice and it took forever to get the money back from a guy who said he had a book, then shipped it and it turned out he didn’t have it and thus couldn’t have shipped it.

      Some day I will own these… and a Mirage vol 1 #1 first printing…. some day! haha

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