The Great Comic Shop Adventures

A few months back you probably saw a post with all of a few dozen comic shop photos and then in the last month or two there was a second one with just one or two pictures… Both of them about comic shop visits around the area where my friend Chris & I live… He’s in NH and I’m in Maine.

borrowed this... but it shows the general area we will be trekking through.

borrowed this… but it shows the general area we will be trekking through.

I enjoy getting out and about and checking out all kinds of other comic shops. Living in Maine for so long where there are periods of time with only a few comic shops, and now we have a few more.

Zimmies is back in Lewiston!


Auburn (right across the river from Lewiston) had a comic shop for a few months called Gotham Comics but they just couldn’t cut it and closed up shop in December or January without any real notice to their small customer base.

Casablanca Comics has had some competition with Coast City over the last few years since they’ve been around down in Portland.


We’re going to attempt the following trek, all in one day. Swing in, say hello, try to find something cool to buy and then off to the next shop.


Between now & Friday COMMENT that you want to see me in my award winning Johnny Raygun cosplay stopping in at all these shops.

– –

+75 comments is pictures outside the shops

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+100 comments is pictures inside the shops

– –

+125 comments is video of at least part of the day as we are getting to the shops

– –

One lucky person who comments from my Facebook group, will get a signed copy of an issue of Johnny Raygun by Rich Woodall. And a signed copy of a Perhapanauts tpb. 

[removed the map, because it was inaccurate and well, we don’t need you following us, right? Well, you could, but let us know you are, okay? Thanks!]

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3 thoughts on “The Great Comic Shop Adventures

  1. Dan Allen

    Johnny Raygun!

  2. Justin Teixeira


  3. OK guys, the pot has now grown! if we get a minimum of 50 comments on here, then a SIGNED copy of TMNT Adventures signed by Steve Lavigne!

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