Shellback Artworks TMNT 30th!


The above image was taken HOURS after I had been in line and been upstairs to see the guys from Mirage. You know, Eastman & Laird, Jim Lawson & Steve Lavigne?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are shellebrating their 30th anniversary this year, roughly yesterday, May 4th.

IMG_20140504_104314_369 IMG_20140504_104319_234

There is just a couple of the MANY pictures I took in store. Chris & I arrived (individually) about the same time, right around 10am. I hadn’t seen the post that Steve was opening the doors at 10:30. Good surprise though for us!IMG_20140504_104324_437 IMG_20140504_110730_949 IMG_20140504_110736_676 IMG_20140504_110936_978

Heres Jim Lawson arriving. Tried to get photos of everyone as they got there. He was first to show up, other than Steve anyways!

IMG_20140504_111717_053 IMG_20140504_113242_556

The store isn’t great on space and we certainly filled it up fast!

IMG_20140504_113247_469 IMG_20140504_113254_659 IMG_20140504_114622_296

The two different lines start to merge. One for the signing headed to the front of the store and the other to the cash register to buy some seriously awesome Turtles items!

IMG_20140504_115946_420 IMG_20140504_120431_866 IMG_20140504_120435_465 IMG_20140504_120443_026 IMG_20140504_121231_842

The line officially gets moved from inside, to outside so it can run down the stairs and out towards Route 1 before swapping back down along the little side road the shop sits on.

IMG_20140504_125516_951 IMG_20140504_125520_845 IMG_20140504_125524_009 IMG_20140504_125528_860 IMG_20140504_125531_249

Kevin Eastman arrived next. I posted these pictures to Facebook as I was snapping them off and my phone decided that “Eastman” wasn’t correct and made it “East man”. Whoops!

IMG_20140504_130237_548 IMG_20140504_130243_030 IMG_20140504_130438_071 IMG_20140504_130440_987

Peter Laird arrives and oddly also beat my camera to the stairs! Everyone is crazy excited now! The fun is just about to get started! (Yes, the event isn’t even STARTED yet!)


Daniel Bailey of Zimmies Comics made a quick visit down to buy a couple copies of TMNT v4 #32 (You’re welcome Dan) and some artwork from Eastman’s stash.


“Scottie” gives a thumbs up to say everyone is having a blast! (He was dressed up yesterday at FCBD as the engineer from Star Trek. And I’m sorry, I don’t know your real name!)


My buddy Mark holding the line at the bottom of the stairs.


Eastman, lil Eastman, Lavigne and Lawson signing away. You’d think they were all famous. Lil Eastman was busy sketching away.


Peter Laird and some of the film crew guys taking a moment to chat when Mr Laird got up to get that fan moving around a bit. It was toasty warm upstairs!!


This is the best shot I managed to take all weekend. Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird. Those are my TMNT #2s in front of Kevin and my TMNT v4 #32s in front of Peter.  Such a blast. Thank you guys again for signing everything!!

After this, Chris and I went outside to cool down and pack away our goodies and I took some photos outside of the massive line that had formed!

IMG_20140504_140208_170 IMG_20140504_140246_659 IMG_20140504_140241_781 IMG_20140504_140227_478 IMG_20140504_140222_139

After close inspection of these large lines, I found that I could almost recognize some of the people and even found a few friends waiting around! Sean & Mike and Mike! Hi fellas!

IMG_20140504_143659_869 IMG_20140504_143717_890 IMG_20140504_143710_115 IMG_20140504_143706_041

No visit to Wells Maine is complete without some Wells Beach time. It was high tide so Chris and I just stayed up on the walk area and ate lunch. Then we headed back to Shellback so Chris could drop me there and head home.


Happy Anniversay/Birthday TMNT! Looking good for 30 year olds!

Finally everything below is what I had signed. You should be able to see the signatures clearly. There are a couple prints that Rich Woodall did that will need Peter Lairds autograph in the near future, and I still need issues 3, 4 Raph and Fugitoid signed by Kevin; but not a bad haul. Not bad at all.

IMG_20140504_192147_069 IMG_20140504_192313_489 IMG_20140504_192300_895 IMG_20140504_192249_610

Kevin & Peter signed the front. Steve and Jim had already signed the back of it. (above)


Four “extra” copies of issue #32 that I picked up.


IMG_20140504_193739_227 IMG_20140504_193606_205 IMG_20140504_193533_982 IMG_20140504_193520_308 IMG_20140504_192359_095 IMG_20140504_192345_520 IMG_20140504_192325_377

That’s all I have for you. If you are still looking…. Thank you. Feel free to leave a comment.

*All my comics are stored in the Phantom Zone, good luck finding that place.*

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