This lot of TMNT #1 includes a fourth printing, con variant, FCBD/25th Anniversary printing and the Mirage color reprints!


One of the first TMNT books I ever picked up once I stumbled across TMNT #5 was this 4th printing!


Back when I first went to Jetpack Comics they were not yet actually Jetpack! The shop was called Paperback Bazaar and was located about 30 minutes or so from their current location. This was a print done up just for their show. And I think I have more not stashed with the rest of my Turtles collection.


I have two very nice copies of the FCBD issue. As you should be able to see, this copy is signed by Peter Laird. I purchased this directly from Mirage and it has a COA somewhere, plus I got the nifty Fugitoid figure which came in a signed box.


Woohoo is this next book a doozy! I have FOUR copies. For some reason, I just love the color version of TMNT #1. I managed to track down two normal copies and two of the error editions or misprints. Its not really a variant but some may use that term as well. Basically the printer erred and there are some grid marks on some interior pages. One purchase of this book also resulted in this signed card.


Eastman, Laird, Berger and Murphy! This card is also the only item I own signed by those last two fellas. Too bad too because I’d love to meet them as well.


Not pictured is my TMNT #1 3rd print, signed now by Eastman & Laird. Because I deleted it. Whoops. And that’s all for this possibly new installment of Mike’s trying his hand at actually writing on his blog.


Catchy! My next post may or may not be about TMNT #2…

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