Sketch Covers

So, sketch covers…

Recently I managed to scan all of mine…

I have posted most of these before…

Some are new within the last few years of actively posting here.

Want to see?

(This page will take a few minutes to load… Fair warning.)

Johnny Zombie Raygun (me, in cosplay)

Woodall & Lavigne

Me as Johnny Raygun MLP, as a joke... Not funny Ed Smith. I'm not a brony.

The Day Shellback Artworks Closed

Also the Day Shellback Artworks closed...

Free Comic Book Day @ Shellback Artworks 2016

Writer Eric Burnham

Supposed to be Ghostbustin' Don... lol

Supposed to be Shredder-Raph... lol

Dark Leo

Bishart... my only non-TMNT from Ben. I think.

Dead Spidey, years in the making.

Before there were Shrekurtles (Bay Turtles)

Won this on FB, signed by Allor. Steve signed/sketched later.

This last one is super important to me, and technically my Father’s…

See, my Gram never understood my love for comics, but she was the only family member who didn’t need to understand it to see that it brought me joy… And she fully supported my habit, good, bad or otherwise. She enjoyed coming to the comic shop with me, just to spend time with me. When she passed, a huge chunk of me died with her so I asked a friend to draw something special for my Dad, so he would know she was important to me too…
Badass Gram Edgecomb

She so badly wanted one last bike ride before she passed, but fell ill too quickly (& my idiot aunt vetoed EVERY idea we had to grant her wish) and passed away a few days after her birthday.

Here she is riding her motorcycle, on streets of gold, right by her crapper planter full of flowers. She actually had a crapper on her front lawn before she sold her home and yeah, it was full of flowers too. She loved planting flowers, getting her hands dirty and riding; almost as much as she loved Jesus.

Miss ya Gram. Every damn day.

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