Johnny Raygun custom action figure

Here, I thought this was cool. I can’t hold back any longer… I was going to wait until I had the figure in my own hands to take my own finished work picture… But here it is:

Green Lantern (Super Powers)


Just kidding! This is the base figure. My only Hal Jordan figure now.

And the final outcome:

Johnny Raygun (custom)


Below are all the in-process pictures (in random order)! Enjoy!

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Nick Turtles


Turtles vs The Foot or what little ‘Foot’ I own.


Mikey vs Lex?!?


Hopefully soon as my tax returns come in I will fix my laptop… Hopefully.

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Forever Evil part 3

This week saw another onslaught of dizzying 3D covers that actually cause me migraines!
I picked up a slew of these regardless and actually put back one or two of the spiffy covers for a basic one.


First up a friend gave me some books. I have previously picked up some Iron Man hardcovers and this series seems to follow along nicely just like the two HCs so I have tracked down everything since issue four.

On to today’s buy…
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Laird! Lawson! Lavigne! Turtle Power!!!

As some of you have seen or maybe even read, Steve Lavigne owns Shellback Artworks in Wells Maine. He has his pals Peter Laird and Jim Lawson up for a visit to draw Turtles heads and write their names a serious number of times, and to chat.

Now I know this page doesn’t get much (if any) traffic but I would still like to say THANK YOU!! Thanks to Steve for always providing a fun place to hang out for a day even if I can’t always spend a boat load of money each time. Thanks to his wife as well. She’s great to talk to as well and has such a unique point if view of the Turtles. Thank you Mr Laird again for signing everything under the sun, even the IDW and Nick items! Its been a pleasure both times meeting you!

A big thank you as well to Mr Jim Lawson! Not only was he able to help me complete my Tales vol 2 this year, but he signed a TON of stuff for me yesterday. It would have been half as much but he was under the weather back in May when Pete was up.

Now I don’t typically travel to far from home for these events so it really is nice to know that these guys are all pretty much from in and around New England, if I heard right.

Anyways, you aren’t here for me to write… I’m bad at it. Haha


(Something happened with the mobile uploading all the other photos, so I fixed them. They are all now down below.)

And to cap the day, after a couple other photos were being taken…



TURTLE POWER! Cowabunga, Dudes!

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cards, comics & ooze

Going to be a rather large post today folks. Been about a week since anyones been by to say hello.

Got some new ooze for the Turtles… well, finally all four anyways.


Some more art cards by Rich Woodall… Too bad they weren’t directly from him, but I still love his artwork!


Another Superman record… Still waiting to hear if my friend can make me a CD out of each of them so I can actually listen to them (and read along)!!



More items after the break… Can’t give it all away before the click (for more).

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Evil Bay Picks & weeklies

Some ebay wins, a couple last weeks picks and two variants from this week. More to come tomorrow.

Actually already running out of room and I haven’t even BEGUN to dig into the 20+ boxes at the other location.

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A nearly complete Technodrome. Sort of fell into my lap.

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Justice League wha?!

Okay, yeah I know I’m lame. Its okay.

Below are some pictures of the recently picked up full run of Justice League Classified. I had started this series with the first 3 issues because of McGuinness’ work, but he didn’t stick around and neither did I…. Until now.



And today… I found another:


Now I either need to sell this one (yeah, its for sale) OR buy TWO (2) Raph’s! [That would be cool because I’m almost sure that Raph is my nephews fav and my niece loves Mikey…]

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random collection: starter post 2

Since I don’t have any kind of collection of pictures in any kind of organization of my comics, I will just start with this random smattering of what I do have right now and then as I go along, I will take pictures of new books as I get them, either weekly or as I buy them. Sometimes that can be more than weekly!

(WARNING: This might take a couple minutes to load. There’s over 800 photos. Good news is, next time you come back, there will only be 8-10 photos.) Continue reading

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New Blog!


I have been collecting since the Death of Superman.
A few years ago, a good friend of mine was kind enough to stick my face on the cover of one of his comics.

Zombie Bomb vol 6 seen below!



Here is a small portion of my collection in its unorganized glory.


A TMNT piece signed by Peter Laird & Steve Lavigne.


My Superman Action Comics #18, custom cover done by Melting Doll (Casablanca Comics).

I’m going to use this space to post what I buy every week. It might not be weekly but I figure its better here than on the other page where I’m trying to reduce my collection.

Did my first ever cosplay for my friend Rich’s creation, Johnny Raygun.

Here we are at FCBD this year at Jetpack Comics!


Thanks for checking it out!

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